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My name is  Olivier – and I’m based between Schwyz & Zurich in beautiful Switzerland and absolutely in love with people photography. Whether it’s a composed portrait, a candid moment or anything in-between, it fulfills my passion.

I have been a passionate photographer for the past 12 years and branched out into Professional Wedding and Portrait photography 3 years ago.

My style and approach is unscripted, direct, candid and honest with a classic touch to it all.

I am married to the lovely and beautiful Corina, who assists me on most of my shoots and pushes me to be better today than I was yesterday: not just as a photographer, but as a person as well.

One of my strengths as a photographer, is to get inexperienced or nervous photosubjects, to relax, breathe and just let the moments unfold for me to capture them on camera. Ny focus during weddings (and people photography in general) is to capture real emotion and moments in a natural manner. I personally am not into, too much complex lighting, or elaborately posed and composed type photos. Light is all around and the quality of light is dependent on the perspective of the photographer. It’s this perspective of mine that I will use to capture all that is real on your wedding day. If that’s how you want your wedding photos to look like, then give me a shout.  I look forward to it.

Oh… and this is us. That’s me on the left and my wife on the right. 🙂

hochzeits-fotograf-wedding-photographer-omfoto-osmeier-10000-2San Francisco 2013

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