I first met Regula and Mario at Sandrine’s Wedding. When they hired me to do their wedding, I was thrilled. I knew it was going to be a great day and the potential for cool photos was guaranteed. Simply because of the way they are as individuals and as a couple. Regula is calmand collected, Mario is a light hearted, funny guy. Most importantly, they are such natural people and did great in front of the camera.

The day began at Mario’s place in Schaan, Liechtenstein, shooting the guy’s getting ready, which had everything, from beer to elephant-style cuff links. From there we headed over to Regula’s place, who was in the process of doing her make-up herself. One the Getting Ready (one of the most overlooked, but one of the most interesting and intimate chapters to a wedding) was done, off to the church we headed. After an emotional Wedding Service and quite a few Group Portraits, we headed to their Apéro location, taking advantage of a few stops along the way, to snap a few portraits. They were received with so much love and joy from their friends and family when they finally arrived. After some festivities group shots with the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids, I had Regula & Mario to myself again. Regula & Mario had an engagement session with me -which is a photo shoot prior to the wedding and it was so very worth it. They already knew how I worked, so they did not have to focus on me, but could focus 100% on each other. The hustle & bustle of the people had left, it was quiet, serene, the warm rays of sun danced around us, the perfect light…a great compliment to a natural, honest, fantastic couple. After the portraits were done, I accompanied them to Restaurant Frauenhof. After a short impression there, my wife and I bide them farewell.

Corina and I loved photographing them. What a wonderful wedding, what a beautiful day we had with them.


PS Here’s the Fullscreen Slideshow. Check it out!

Ich freue mich, euch die „Appenzeller-Hochzeit“ vorzustellen. Wettermässig war es nicht einen typischen Sommertag, aber das Brautpaar und die Gäste liessen sich von dem kalten Wind nicht die gute Laune verderben. Ganz im Gegenteil; es war eine Hochzeit mit vielen, lustigen, fröhlichen und speziellen Momenten. Das Brautpaar hat gerne viel gelacht und es kam Alles so natürlich rüber. Ich staune immer wieder, dass keine Hochzeit gleich ist wie die andere und jede hat wieder „Etwas“ Spezielles an sich…

Eine der jüdischen Gebräuche bei einer Trauung ist, dass die Braut ohne Schleier vor dem Gesicht ihrem Bräutigam in der Kirche entgegen geht, damit er sieht, dass es auch wirklich seine Auserwählte ist? Das Paar trifft sich dann ca. in der Mitte des Kirchenganges, dann wird der Schleier vom Bräutigam vor das Gesicht der Braut getan und wird dann erst vor dem Kuss wieder nach hinten gemacht. Dieser Moment hat mich sehr bewegt!

Ich wünsche dem Paar alles Schöne und Gute für die gemeinsame Zukunft. Es war einmal mehr wieder einen unvergesslichen Tag.


PS Hier einen Link zu einer Fullscreen Slideshow der Bilder.

It was an overcast day with a hint of rain. Then I met the groom. He was all smiles and wasn’t the least bit phased. It was his day today. I went to his bride’s room and there she was. Bringing light to everything around her. The overcast weather wasn’t felt. She was smiling and lighting up the world around her…after all it was her day today. Thank you P & S for letting me be a part of your day. Even today as i write this, is it a very memorable wedding to me. I wish you as a family only the best and a long beautiful life with one another.

“Pura Vida” is one of the many ways Dominique and Florian described themselves when I first met them earlier this year. They are passionate about living life to the fullest. Whether it’s kite surfing or enjoying a bottle of fine wine, as long as they are with one another it’s perfect. When they did their “First Look” before the ceremony, the emotion between they shared just reiterated this.

The beautiful setting at the Grand Hotel Giessbach, was complimented with their friends and family giving them love and support. After the ceremony on the patio, the guests took the funicular down to the lake where they waited to receive the newly wedded couple with cheer and bubbles…lots of bubbles. 🙂 The dinner back in the hotel ballroom was grand and there were no “left feet” on the dancefloor when the party started.

I had a lovely time photographing this beautiful couple and I hope Dominique & Florian enjoy a long and happy “vida” with one another.

Christa called me on short notice. She needed a photographer to document the day Nabil and her would wed. Although I’d just be finished with a wedding on the Saturday before, I was free that Sunday. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and the stage was set for a very intimate wedding with only their closest friends and family. During the ceremony, the couple fed each other milk and dates – a Moroccan ritual for purity and a happy life. It’s these special things that make each wedding so individual, and also the reason why I thought to make this blog post a little different from my others as well and focus solely on the black & white photos the couple received. (Of course I always provide the photos in black & white and colour). Regardless I wish, Christ and Nabil, good fortune, a long beautiful life with one another and lot of dates and milk. 🙂


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